How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Financial Planners Handle Complaints and Conflicts of Interest

How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Financial Planners Handle Complaints and Conflicts of Interest

As a financial planner in Australia, you’re likely to face complaints from time to time. These complaints may be about your services or products or related to conflicts of interest. Either way, you need to have a plan to deal with these issues quickly and professionally. 

Here’s how they can help you handle complaints and conflicts of interest with ease

Quick Response Time is Key When it Comes to Handling Complaints and Conflicts

When customers or clients bring up an issue with your services or products, you must respond quickly before the problem escalates further.

A virtual assistant can help with this by ensuring that all emails are answered promptly and tracking any customer complaints that may arise. This will allow you to address potential issues before they get out of hand.

Additionally, having someone monitoring customer emails will also help you manage feedback as soon as possible so that customers feel heard and understood.

Identifying Potential Conflicts of Interest

Unfortunately, conflicts of interest between clients and financial planners are common but need to be addressed swiftly if the trust between both parties remains intact.

A virtual assistant can assist with this by scanning emails for any language indicating a conflict of interest, such as “I think I should invest my money in XYZ company because….” They can then flag these emails so that the financial planner is aware and can take appropriate action if necessary.

Accommodating Customer Service Requests Effectively

Dealing with customer service requests effectively is vital when it comes to creating positive experiences for customers. A virtual assistant can help with this by responding promptly to customer inquiries, organizing files, managing calendars, creating meeting agendas, setting reminders for follow-up tasks and more.

Having someone dedicated solely to handling customer service requests can ensure no request slips through the cracks while ensuring quality communication between the financial planner and their clients/customers.


Having a virtual assistant on board can help financial planners handle complaints and conflicts of interest much more efficiently than they might otherwise be able to do on their own. By providing quick response times, identifying potential conflicts of interest early on, and accommodating customer service requests effectively, virtual assistants are invaluable when providing excellent customer service while simultaneously protecting the interests of both the client/customer and the financial planner alike!

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