How it Works.


1. Free Consultation

Schedule a discovery call with our customer success team to discuss your needs, know your goals, and how Vision Outsourcing can help.At this stage, we will also send forms or questionnaires to understand your organisation better, details of the job description, and for us to provide you with the best solution.


2. Proposal

We will send you an online proposal outlining the tasks and qualifications you require from a Virtual Assistant. It will also include packages you can choose from that suits your needs.


3. Recruitment

Our experienced team will check the availability of the Virtual Assistant you require from our pool, and/or source and screen talents that are highly qualified and will meet your standards.


4. Onboarding

We will schedule the onboarding meeting between you and your Virtual Assistant. Before the meeting, we ensure that all tools your Virtual Assistant needs to perform confidently are in place.


5. Training

A session will be held by Vision Outsourcing and the recruit to provide training on your company (products/services) and relevant processes.


6. Support

We provide ongoing support for you and your Virtual Assistant, this includes Human Resources (we call this People and Culture team because every member of the team is diverse) management and payroll.
Weekly and monthly productivity reports are generated and sent to you accordingly and we schedule periodic meetings with our Customer Success team to ensure we are aligned with your business goals and priorities.

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